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Medicare Advantage Plans,   Medicare Supplement Plans

 Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah

When it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah there are many options for  Medicare beneficiaries throughout Utah. One issue that may arise is that not all Medicare Advantage Plans in Utah are available in all counties throughout the state, and in fact many of the more rural counties may have as little as one option or even no options at all. This is when you need an adviser who focuses on both Medicare Advantage and  Medicare supplement plans, and all available options. We can help you compare options side by side to ensure you have the best coverage for you.

With that said, there are many types of Medicare Advantage plans in Utah available which include, PFFS or Private fee for service plans, PPO or preferred provider organization plans, and HMO or health maintenance organization plans. Each of these plans vary by coverage area and the ability of the  Medicare Advantage beneficiary to access care. PFFS plans work in that any provider who is willing to accept the terms and conditions of the plan will accept it. PPO’s are usually the type of plans which have the largest network availability, with some out of network coverage, and HMO plans usually ask you to follow a strict network with limited ability to go outside that same network. In Utah, most plans are either an HMO or PPO, with no current PFFS offerings.

When it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans, the most popular plans along the Wasatch Front are plans termed as HMO-POS. These plans are HMO is design whereas they adhere to a fairly strict network, but the POS part of the plan allows a beneficiary to go outside the network with a higher out of pocket cost or co-pay.  With the introduction of these plans, Medicare Advantage beneficiaries have great options when they are looking for coverage.

Another great benefit of these Medicare Advantage plans is that many of them include Medicare Part D or prescription drug coverage at no additional cost to the beneficiary. The extent of this drug coverage is typically the deciding factor when a Medicare Advantage beneficiary is deciding on which plan to go with. A few of the provider options for Medicare Plans in Utah are:

Humana Medicare
United Healthcare 
Altius Healthplans (Coventry)
Select Health Advantage (Intermountain Healthcare)
Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Molina Medicare

Each of these  Medicare Advantage Plans offer the same basic outline of coverage, but co-pays, drug coverage, and even supplemental benefits vary from plan to plan. Make sure you work with an agent who knows the differences between these plans in order to get you the appropriate coverage for your situation.


Get great Medicare Coverage At An Affordable Price

It is possible to get Medicare Supplement Plan or  Medicare Advantage Plan coverage at reasonable prices, if you are willing to spend some time and effort evaluating all of your possible options or you consult a local insurance expert. The best way for you to get the lowest possible rate on your private Medicare Supplement or  Medicare Advantage in Utah policy is to shop around and compare premium and co-pay prices. A qualified local insurance expert in this area can help you locate the policy type and coverage that you are looking for without having to pay more for the policy you choose. At Senior Services of Utah we offer all the major insurance plans and are happy to take the headache out of choosing a plan.