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Medicare Supplement Vs. Medicare Advantage Plans

Navigating the seemingly endless variety of Utah Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans can be quite complicated. The choice of Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans, as well as their costs and coverage vary by county in Utah. Our goal is to make this process if not easy, at least understandable. We research and study all the available plans so you don’t have to. We believe an informed consumer is a better consumer. There is no cost or  obligation to receive any of the help wading through all of the available information. We can answer many of the following questions

  • Should I buy a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan?
  • Which Medicare Supplement Plan is best for my situation?
  • Will my doctor be covered on my new plan?
  •  Medicare drug coverage questions
  • What doesn’t Medicare cover?
  • How much will all of this cost me?
  • I am low income, is there help for me?

We can answer all of this and more. Our focus is helping seniors navigate Medicare, and we are here to help.





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Medicare Plans Utah

Utah has the same Medicare Supplement plan offerings that exist in most states, with Plan F & Plan G still being the biggest selling and most popular plans; but where Utah differs is in the Medicare Advantage Plan options. Northern Utah has some great plan options, however as you get into Central and Southern Utah, you begin to see a limit on plans. One benefit in working with a Medicare Insurance Broker is having someone who offers all available Medicare Plans, and knows which plan to recommend for your unique situation. We would be happy to discuss all of your options and guide you throughout the process.