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It is possible to get Medicare Supplement Plan or  Medicare Advantage Plan coverage at reasonable prices, if you are willing to spend some time and effort evaluating all of your possible options or you consult a local insurance expert. The best way for you to get the lowest possible rate on your private Medicare Supplement or  Medicare Advantage in Utah policy is to shop around and compare premium and co-pay prices. A qualified local insurance expert in this area can help you locate the policy type and coverage that you are looking for without having to pay more for the policy you choose. At Senior Services of Utah we offer all the major insurance plans and are happy to take the headache out of choosing a plan.

Enrolling in Medicare Part A & B

Medicare Online Enrollment

Should I get Part B?


Do you need or qualify for extra help paying for your Medication?

If you need help paying for your medications or your Medicare Part B premium, they provide options. When determining eligibility there are numerous ways to qualify for extra help, or the Low Income Subsidy (LIS).

If you qualify for extra help, Low Income Subsidy (LIS), to pay for your prescription drug costs, Medicare could also pay 75% or more of your Plan Premium, annual deductibles and co-insurance (if applicable). Additionally, those who qualify won’t have a coverage gap or a late enrollment penalty. Call Social Security or Medicare for details.

For 2012, in order to qualify your yearly income is limited to $16,245 for an individual or $21,855 for a married couple living together.

If your income and resources are slightly higher, you should still apply. You may still qualify if you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You or your spouse support other family members who live with you.
  • You or your spouse have earnings from work.
  • You or your spouse live in Alaska or Hawaii.

Your resources are limited to $6,680 ($11,520 if married) for Full Low-Income Subsidy and $11,140 ($23,760 if married) for other low-income subsidies. This information is based on 2011 Federal Poverty Levels (FPL).

Most of these things can be confusing so we always suggest contacting us for more information. Molina offers three plan options along the Wasatch front depending on what level of LIS you qualify for.

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