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Utah Medicare Supplement Plans, is price really all that matters?

When it comes to choosing a Utah

Medicare supplement or Utah Medigap plan, a lot of agents try to blindly lead you with the thought that price is all that matters. I am here to offer a different point of view. Now, I realize price is always a big deal. Saving $15 or $20 per month can often make a big difference. But what happens when that new discount Utah Medicare Supplement takes a 20% rate increase after the first year and then again in year two. Did you realize you can often see two rate increases every year depending on when you sign up for your plan? Most agents don’t tell you this until it happens to you. Saving 10% on your Utah Medicare supplement only to see a 30% to 40% increase over a couple of years doesn’t make any sense. Additionally, if you have any major health concerns along the way, the option to change Medicare supplement companies may not be there. At Senior Services of Utah, we understand Medicare in Utah and the companies that offer Medicare supplemental coverage in Utah. Our goal is to get you coverage that you don’t have to change or adjust every time the wind blows. Feel free to visit our page discussing Medicare Supplements in Utah, or Contact Us Today for a FREE QUOTE.

Utah Medicare Supplement Plans & Medicare Advantage Plans

Understanding your choices for Medicare in Utah

Available Utah Medicare plans include:

  • Medicare Supplement (MediGap)
  • Medicare Advantage (Part C)Part D (Prescription drug plans)
  • Medicare Advantage HMO
  • Medicare Advantage HMO-POS
  • Medicare Advantage PPO
  • Medicare Advantage PFFS
  • Dual Eligible
  • special needs plans

Choosing between the seemingly endless variety of Utah Medicare supplement and Utah Medicare Advantage companies and plans can be quite complicated. The choice of Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans, as well as their costs and coverage vary by counties in Utah. Our goal is to make this process understandable and as easy as possible. We research and study all available Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans in Utah so you don’t have to. We believe an informed consumer is a better consumer. There is no cost or obligation to receive any of the help we offer in wading through all of the available information.
To apply for most Utah Medicare Supplemental plans one only need be a Medicare beneficiary. Many people believe you must be at least 65 to receive Medicare but this is not always the case. Medicare also provides benefits to permanently disabled people under age 65. Further, not every person over 65 has to take Medicare Part B. If you are still working, and have coverage through your employer, you certainly want to weigh all your options, and make sure you make the right choice for you. In the State of Utah, there are currently no carriers that offer Medicare Supplement coverage under the age of 65, so those on Medicare due to disability need to look at a Utah Medicare Advantage plan to help supplement their Medicare coverage.

Paying the right price for Medicare in Utah

You would be well served to review your costs and coverage every year. As a Medicare advisor, it is also in our best interest to make sure you are on the right plan as well. Utah Medicare Supplement prices usually go up annually. That good deal from last year may not be a good price this year. All Medigap plans in Utah are standardized. So the difference between Medicare supplement companies boils down to cost.

The same is true for the Utah Medicare Advantage Plans, including HMO, PPO, SNP plans, and even extends to your drug plan. Typically when it comes to Medicare in Utah benefits and costs will change every year. We can help you review you coverage to make sure you still are receiving all the benefits Medicare in Utah has to offer at the lowest possible overall cost to you.

You can review your options on your own or turn this job over to a professional Utah Medicare insurance agent. Senior Services of Utah represents virtually every carrier doing business in Utah and will help you make the best choice for you. There is no cost for our services, so don’t hesitate to contact us. We have years of experience helping clients navigate through their Utah Medicare insurance issues and are here to help. Call us at 1-888-772-4678 at your convenience and let us help you find the right Utah Medicare Supplement or Utah Medicate Advantage Plan

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