Utah Medicare Advantage Plans vs Utah Medicare Supplement Plans Part 1

Which is better, Utah Medicare Advantage plans or Utah Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare Sign representing Pros and Cons of Utah Medicare Advantage PlansThis has been an oft debated question between amongst consumers and even agents over the years. Some agents feel that Utah Medicare Advantage Plans or Medicare Part C are the greatest thing since sliced bread, yet there are many out there who won’t touch the things. I will attempt to lay out what I feel are the pros and cons of each, so you are able to get a better idea of what may be right for you. Let us first explore Utah Medicare Advantage plans. You can also get more information on Utah Medicare Advantage Plans by clicking on this link.

Advantages of Utah Medicare Advantage Plans

The biggest advantage to these plans is that they typically have a much lower overall premium cost than a Utah Medicare supplement plan, and for those folks who are healthy, this can be a great deal. These plans also have the option of including Medicare Part D or prescription drug coverage within the same monthly premium. Throughout parts of the country these plans can have as low as $0 premium, so there is no additional costs to the Medicare Beneficiary other than their monthly Part B premium. These plans have gotten much better over the years and many of these even offer dental, vision, health club benefits and other great additional features. Another big advantage here in Utah is that folks who are on Medicare and are under the age of 65, due to disability qualify for Medicare Advantage coverage but there is no supplement coverage available.

Disadvantages of Utah Medicare Advantage Plans

There are however some negatives to these Utah Medicare Advantage plans that many people may not like. One major thing is that typically these plans are HMO’s or PPO’s, and folks become tied to a specific network of doctors and hospitals. For those folks that don’t travel extensively this is rarely an issue, but if you intend to leave your home and see the country, you might want to consider a Medicare Supplement plan. A few other complaints some folks have is that when they enroll in Utah Medicare Advantage plans, they are now under the coverage of the insurance company rather than Medicare, which means claims are handled differently. I have folks on many different types of coverage and it really comes down to finding the right plan that works for you.

In our next post we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Utah Medicare Supplement Plans


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