Medicare Plans and Multiple Sclerosis or MS

Navigating Medicare plan coverage when you are on M.S. can be difficult. If you are under 65, often times the only available coverage is a Medicare Advantage Plan, and while being pretty good coverage, you still get stuck paying 20% of any infusion therapy you might undergo which happens often with a MS diagnosis. The reason is because any infused drugs such as Chemotherapy, remicade and others are considered Medicare Part B medications rather than part D, so your drug plan typically doesn’t pick up the cost. With that being said, we recommend the following. Even if you went on disability due to your MS, you still qualify for open enrollment at 65 just as if you had waited to get Medicare at that time. What this means is that you qualify without any health questions to go on a Medicare Supplement or Medigap Plan. We recommend Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. With all three of these plans the most you would ever pay would be the Medicare Part B deductible of $166  ( Doesn’t aspply to Plan F) annually, and then Medicare and your supplemental coverage would pick up the rest. That means ZERO out of pocket for infusions you may have been paying $100’s out of your own pocket for. We offer both Medicare Advantage plans as well as medicare Supplement plans and are happy to discuss both options with you at anytime.

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