Utah Medicare Supplement plans

Medicare Supplement coverage can vary greatly from plan A to N, but coverage is the same with every company.  Choosing a Medigap Policy.   For example, a Plan F with United Healthcare will be exactly the same as a Plan F with Oxford Life. The key when selecting coverage is to find a good lower priced company with a history of reasonable rate increases. There are some big name companies in the marketplace that have seen 20% annual increases, so it makes sense to be careful when choosing coverage. The main point is to find an agent who understands the marketplace and can help guide you toward the appropriate coverage for your needs and budget.

That brings us to our next topic, which is what plan is right for you? At Senior Services of Utah we typically recommend plan G or Plan N because of cost and benefit. By now if you are on our site, you have probably been told that Plan F is the end all be all of plans. That may be true for some folks, but in many cases that is not correct. For example Medigap Plan G is exactly the same as Plan F, other than you the consumer are responsible for the Medicare Part B deductible of $147 annually. ( The highest we have seen is $162 annually) Typically Plan G can be found for $250 to $300 less annually, and sees lower rate increases because of some of the Medicare Guaranteed Issue provisions and the amount of folks who go to plan F under those rights. By that I mean, Plan F typically sees more unhealthy folks, so there is a higher claim history to base rate increases on. We are here to guide you and can do a side by side comparison of cost and benefit as well as help you find the appropriate Part D prescription drug plan as well. Do not hesitate to reach out to us with questions.  801.979.6365

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