Veterans and Supplemental Medicare coverage

At Senior Services of Utah we often get the question if folks with coverage through the Veterans Administration need additional coverage. The responses often vary based on their proximity to the nearest V.A. Medical center, but it is our experience that they should at least consider it. If one lives close to the V.A. they can often get a Medicare Advantage plan which will allow them access to other doctors and hospitals outside the V.A. at a small copay or cost sharing amount without having to always go to the V.A. and in turn it does not effect that coverage. We also recommend these plans to our more rural folks as well as Medigap/Medicare Supplement plans to help offset the medical costs that can be incurred.

One example we have is a client of ours who lives in St. George. This client has 100% V.A Medical due to his disability because of Agent Orange poisoning. This client was facing numerous heart surgeries due to that, but he would have had to travel along with his wife to Salt Lake to get that care. When he turned 65 he opted for a Medigap Plan F that would allow him to utilize his medicare coverage outside the V.A. and get comprehensive care elsewhere. He was able to have his surgery in St. George and over $100,000 in bills later, the plan picked up everything Medicare did not leaving him with $0 out of pocket. Now we realize not every situation is the same, but we do feel taking a look is certainly in your best interest even with V.A. medical coverage. Feel free to contact us with any questions. 801.979.6365

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